Scan Jumbo Peanuts

Scan Jumbo Peanuts

Scan Jumbo Peanuts is packed under our own labels from China. The peanuts are carefully chosen from the selected farmers with the correct size, which is a larger peanut than usually found around the world. With very strict hygienic conditions the products is processed and packed with an Oxygen absorbent to prevent possible moisture entering the pack. These peanuts are not genetically, modified. Special care is taken to keep the product.

Peanuts: Mother Nature's Little Vitamin Factory!

Little wonder the 15th century Portuguese traders carried peanuts on their ships as an essential food. Modern science has now demonstrated that peanuts are one of the most complete nutritional resources available.  So if you love to snack on peanuts, you can do it completely guilt-free!

The peanut was introduced to China by Portuguese traders in the 1600s and another variety by American missionaries in the 1800s. They became popular and are featured in many Chinese dishes, often being boiled. During the 1980s peanut production began to increase greatly so that as of 2006 China was the world's largest peanut producer. A major factor in this increase has been China's move away from a communist economic system toward a free market system so that farmers are free to grow and market their crops as they decide.

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