Refreshing and Tasty: Sunquick is a super-concentrated fruit squash for the whole family. The unique fruit filled drink has made Sunquick an extremely popular squash in millions of households all over the world.

Filled with Vitamin C: Sunquick provides the all-important vitamin C requirement for the body. Most flavours contain 9mg per 100ml ready-to-drink serving, or the equivalent of 15% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Blackcurrant contains 60mg per 100ml ready-to-drink serving, or 100% RDA. Sunquick contains no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners.

Sunquick Gold Orange

Sunquick Gold is the sweeter alternative to other orange cordials. The new Sunquick Gold is based on a new recipe, a special blend that gives Sunquick Gold the sweeter taste.

Fruit Squash concentrates for the professional market

A wealth of exciting fruit filled flavours! All over the world, people are consuming increasingly larger quantities of drinks outside the home: on the go, in canteens, at schools, at Hotels, in fast-food outlets, in snack bars, etc. Sunquick offers a wide range of fruit drink concentrates aimed at the professional market: hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

The products are developed for use in juice and soft drink dispensers. Like all CO-RO FOOD A/S of Denmark products, our catering range is based on high quality raw ingredients, with the latest food technology being used in the production process.

Two-litre canisters

Our catering products are supplied in specially designed two-litre canisters, and the products are adjusted to special conditions that apply to the mixing in, and use of, dispensers. The catering products from Sunquick contain no artificial flavourings or colours. All flavours in the catering range are produced on the basis of natural fruit juice squash concentrates and sweetened with sugar. Sunquick Catering products are adjusted to the special conditions that apply to the mixing in, and use of, professional dispensers. Sunquick Catering should be diluted 1:9 or dilute to taste.


Our import, manufacture and distribution of FMCG products in Sri Lanka include the following: Sunquick Fruit Squash, Star brand Essences & Colourings, Scan branded Bottled Water, Scan Jumbo Peanuts, KVC and Scan Jack Mackerel.

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