Sugar Trading Division

Sugar Trading Division

C.W. Mackie PLC is well known for its proven track record as an importer and supplier of high quality sugar in Sri Lanka. Sugar Trading Division of the Company engages in import and wholesale distribution of high quality fine granulated refined white sugar to industrial customers and provides outsourcing services to them.

Our import, supply and distribution policy positions has placed the Sugar Trading Division of the Company at a higher level among our competitors for fine granulated refined white sugar in Sri Lanka.

This Division is the second highest contributor of the Company in terms of profitability.

Categories of Imports

  • Refined sugar - Thailand and Malaysia

  • Non-refined sugar - Brazil and India

  • Super refined sugar - Thailand and Malaysia

Major Suppliers/Customers

Our prestigious supplier/customer base includes mainly industrial users engaged in the food and beverage, carbonated drinks, dairies, bakery and pharmaceutical industries. We supply through our centrally located warehouse with infrastructure facilities that meets with customer specifications.

We also supply refined white sugar packets to the catering and restaurant sector that warrants high quality and strict hygienic standards as per their customer specifications.

Our Standards

Sugar that we supply ensures stringent international quality standards applicable to the sugar manufacturing industries and are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as per the Non-GMO Certification - Certificate of Analysis.

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