Rubber Products

Rubber Products

A leading natural rubber exporter from Sri Lanka, we export all grades of rubber and act as a manufacturer of specialty types of natural rubber grades. While promoting our own rubber products to the export market, we also produce customized rubber items for our global customer base.

Exporting natural rubber, coconut products and spices, C. W. Mackie has been a leading exporter in Sri Lanka for over 110 years. Following and maintaining international standards in producing export products from Sri Lanka, all our coconut exports production operations focus on environmental and social responsibilities.

Export product categories

Our natural rubber and rubber products for the export market include the following:

  • Thin Pale Latex Crepe Rubber – all grades

  • Thick Pale Latex Crepe Rubber – all grades

  • Thick Brown Crepe Rubber – all grades

  • White and Coloured Sole Crepe Rubber

  • Granulated Crepe Rubber

  • Zinc Oxide Dusted Crepe Rubber

  • Technically Specified Rubber ( TSR Grade )

  • Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber (RSS)

  • Centrifuged Latex - 60% DRC

  • Speciality Rubber products manufactured for customers specific requirements

Key Rubber Export Markets

Key export markets for C.W.Mackie’s rubber products from Sri Lanka include Japan, USA, China, India, UK, Pakistan & Middle Eastern countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South America & South Africa, Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries

Industry Use

Our natural grade rubber exports are used widely across varied industries around the world: pharmaceutical, adhesive, marine paints, automobile and household goods.

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