Hempel's Marine paints

Hempel's Marine paints

C.W. Mackie has been in the business of Hempel Marine paints since 1982 and since 2008 it has become the sole distributor of this product in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Currently hold an average stock of approximately 40,000 litres of various type of Hempel paints at a bonded warehouse and 10,000 litres at our warehouse in Mattakkuliya.   All paints are imported from the Hempel Singapore factory.

Hempel Division mainly serves foreign and local ship owners, government establishments, multinationals and local private companies. Sales have shown a growth of around 9% against the previous financial year.

These customers are categorized in three main segments:


Marine Segment

Vessels dry docking inside the Colombo Dockyard and other smaller vessels at other locations in Sri Lanka have been benefited by the service of Hempel Division. Throughout the  year, a  notable number of vessels dry dock in the Colombo dockyard for both on Hempel associate orders and customers of  C.W. Mackie. We  arrange sea stock supplies for day-to-day maintenance of sea going vessels to keep them free of corrosion and in a good shape. High quality Hempel Antifoulings ,Primers, Intermediate coats and various types of finish coat paints  are readily available for this purpose.

Marine segments not only include sea going vessels but other structures in the Marine environment,, for example - port cranes etc. 


Protective Coating System

Drawing on decades of experience from the marine segment, Hempel offers anti-corrosive coatings for any type of steel structure. Our ability to supply a high quality paint has been a major attraction to the customers. It is a proven economical solution to many customers in minimising  maintenance cost and shut down periods etc.

Hydro power projects - paints for internal and external areas of penstock, thermal power plants, bridges, steel building structures and various applications in the factories include the areas served by HEMPEL in the protective segment .


Container Coating Segment

Hempel been one out of a handful products recognized by international container lines to protect their containers. We supply approximately 70% of the paint requirement for container yards for repairing container boxes in Sri Lanka.

Product categories

The product categories mainly include the following:

  • High quality anti corrosive primers and intermediate coats for use in immersed and non-immersed areas.
  • Top coats – Hempel Single pack enamel and two pack polyurethane finish coats offer durability of colour and gloss over a very long period.
  • Various tank coating for tank internal areas when carrying varied cargo such as petrol, diesel, crude oil and various chemicals.  Hempel products offer the ultimate protection for the widest array of liquid cargoes.
  • Paints Portable water tanks with approvals from recognized testing institutions of the world. 
  • Primer which used for galvanized structures do not require a separate etching system. Hence there is no  damage to the Zinc layer of the Galvanized steel.
  • Hempel offers a complete range of fouling control products based on two main technologies  - antifouling and fouling release. Other than self-polishing antifoulings, Hempel has a highly innovative fouling release product range which offers exceptional fuel saving potential.
  • Heat resistant paints which have  service temperatures up to  600°C .

Technical Service

Our dedicated, experienced, technical service personal provide the necessary advice and inspection to esure that the paint specification is followed through, at all aspects of the paint process.

Technical service includes personell who are qualified up to NACE  level -3 certifications.
Technical service offers extensive technical advice:

  • Pre-sales
  • After-sales
  • Coating advisers on site
  • Technical documentation

In Hempel technical service we look at our customers as business partners with a common goal of obtaining success from each of our perspectives.


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