Group Mission Statement

Group Mission Statement

The primary purpose of C. W. Mackie PLC and its subsidiary companies (CWM Group) is to maximise financial returns on investments in the best interests of all its stakeholders whilst fulfilling an obligation to contribute, over the long term and to the fullest extent possible, to greater efficiency and growth of the total economy.

Each company within the CWM Group will accomplish the primary objective by:

  • Achieving financial, technical and commercial independence and status as an ongoing, self sustaining, viable entity

  • Maintaining market competitiveness, both locally and internationally, by operating in a sound business manner, producing and selling quality products and services at the lowest possible cost

  • Maintaining financial, technical and commercial competence and optimizing operating efficiencies

  • Making the most effective use of manpower for maximum productivity

  • Developing and retaining manpower with appropriate talent and skills; and Business expansion and diversification involving the development of profitable value added products and services for export, import substitution and local consumption by optimizing the use of existing and potential strengths and resources available to the CWM Group.

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